• Weaving improvements identified during the analysis into the fabric of a client’s company.

  • Assembling a systems-driven company that buyers with money will fight to buy.

  • The days of ample credit are gone, never to return to pre-crisis thresholds.

  • Creating a knowledge library fine-tunes systems and processes to replace “tribal knowledge” and standardizes information channels (Getting everyone “on the same page”).


Hardesty Hackett

& Partners, LLLP

Our passion is providing small and midmarket companies (those with $2M and up in annual revenues that are at breakeven or above with high-impact management solutions and the hard-to-find financing they need to outperform their growth potential. 

  • Hui Ku Maoli Ola“Hardesty Hackett & Partners presented us with customized solutions that are already starting to show dramatic results.” Rick Barboza and Matt Schirman, Hui Kū Maoli Ola
  • The Brookfield Co“Hardesty Hackett & Partners helped me to turn my vision towards the growth and profitability of the company.” Hilda Jones, The Brookfield Company

  • Criterium“The staff is eager to implement new systems that HH&P is recommending. I personally feel more inspired and motivated and can’t wait for the year to begin.” John M. Hudak, Criterium