About Us


When it comes to companies with revenues from $1M to $100M, larger financial institutions practice a policy of benign neglect. HH&P actively cultivate emerging growth companies in this revenue range, providing them with the quality management and creative solutions they require.

Without HH&P, most companies in this niche would not be able to attract capital because they do not have proven strategies, processes and management practices. Only HH&P provides the necessary solutions so its clients can be successful. It performs in-depth diagnostic analysis and due diligence preparing firms to receive capital infusion. Investors, in turn, receive a steady flow of quality growth and income opportunities.

Our mission is to provide an alternative in this under-served middle market.

  •  The small and midsize markets are currently served unevenly by a fragmented array of consultants and professional service firms.
  • HH&P has assembled a team of highly experienced, client centric authorities from the management consulting, marketing, operations management and investment banking industries
  •  Selective best practices were married with creative solutions for the unmet needs of the marketplace.
  •  Only HH&P provides its clients a competitive advantage in a tight marketplace