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Business Development Coordinator

Job Description: Leading the way within North America’s world of Implementation Consulting firms, Hardesty Hackett is proud of our ongoing relationships with our loyal clients, who help supply us with an excellent pipeline of future business. However, in order to spread the news of our market leading business services, we rely upon highly professional and motivated Business Development Coordinators (BDCs) who specialize in their local markets and help us introduce our services to new clients.

Hardesty Hackett’s uniquely flexible business model employs the latest technology and this is demonstrated by our Business Developers, who can work around the country from their home location. As a key member of the business development team, our BDCs identify potential clients and our unparalleled history of success provides them with the confidence to recommend our services and develop an effective rapport with CEO, president and owner level decisions makers in order to secure meetings where Hardesty Hackett’s unique abilities can be explained and matched with the needs of the client.

What makes a successful Business Development Coordinator?
Our BDCs must have the confidence and business knowledge required to deal with clients at the highest level, where their efforts will help to secure high value projects. Tenacity, integrity, a positive outlook and being a self-starter are among the personal qualities that our successful BDCs share, along with a sincere desire to push the business forward in order to share in the rewards.

Skills and experience required

  • Demonstrated success in securing meetings with CEOs, presidents and owners of companies with annual revenues of $2-$50M
  •  Ability to update and maintain accurate notes using Hardesty Hackett’s CRM system
  • Ability to work in partnership with our regional Business Development Managers in order to effectively secure the required quality and quantity of client meetings
  • Able to identify and research market segments and business trends in order to maximize business opportunities
  •  Pleasant speaking voice and language skills as required

If after reading about a career at Hardesty Hackett is of interest and you believe you have the passion and what it takes to be a Business Development Coordinator with our firm,  please fill the form here.

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Business Development Manager

Job Description: Hardesty Hackett & Partners is seeking experienced and qualified candidates for the role of Business Development Manager. Selling consulting services is different. It is more psychological and more personal.

Personalities: Selling consulting services tends to attract different personalities. Most sales people are extroverts, happy to meet new people, tend to focus on the general level and are impatient with details. Our BDMs are much more cautious and precise.

It’s Personal: We cannot avoid one very uncomfortable fact—we must sell ourselves. We want to be seen (and to see ourselves) as client-focused, not self-obsessed. We want to be appreciated for our talents, without having to beg or boast.

Rejection: If I am selling myself and the prospect doesn’t buy, then it feels like he/she is personally rejecting me. If he/she doesn’t buy, then the prospect must believe there is something wrong with me. It all feels very personal—because it is!

We do not sell shoes, washing machines, insurance or the stock pick of the day. We sell solutions to problems we identify and quantify. We then implement actions to mitigate problems quickly and in the most cost effective way possible. Period.

Our double digit growth continues to provide opportunities in new and existing markets throughout North America. This growth fuels demand for outstanding individuals who view new business, not simply as sales, but as building relationships and forging business solutions in noteworthy win-win partnerships.

What makes a good Business Development Manager?
Your broad-based business experience and background, providing total comfort at Board and CEO level, must be complemented by integrity, drive, persistence, enthusiasm, and professionalism. This experience might have been gained in any industry, and you will have attained a senior sales or general management level. Full training is provided to those qualified.

We work in an exciting team oriented and learning environment, and the opportunity to become a part of something really special, is almost, in itself, a reward. For the more practical minded, however, there are significant financial rewards.


  •  Responsible for all business development within an assigned area
  •  Develop new relationships with owners, presidents and CEOs of companies with annual sales of $2 million and above
  •  Contribute to the development and implementation of new business strategies
  •  Develop new prospects by telephone and schedule in-person meetings
  •  Achieve sales objectives against specific metrics
  •  Work in a team environment with other individuals who impact the success of the business development process
  •  Must be comfortable working remotely and be a self-starter


  •  10+ years of sales experience – consulting, B2B and professional services experience preferred
  • BS or BA or higher degree from an accredited college or university
  • Demonstrated track record of turning prospects into clients
  •  Deep understanding of operational, organizational and financial consulting
  • The ability to manage a robust travel schedule with home-office responsibilities
  •  Strong executive presence and experience in preparing and executing sales presentations
  •  Excellent relationship management skills
  •  Detail oriented
  •  And ability to multitask and handle a large client base
  •  Ability to work independently and adapt to changing situations
  •  Ability and willingness to travel as needed

Company Description can be found by visiting our website:

Compensation: Straight commission for the first 90 days; then a draw against future commissions. All out-of-pocket expenses are paid.

This is an independent contractor position (1099). You can work full-time, part-time or on a project basis.

If, after reading about a career at Hardesty Hackett is of interest, and you believe you have the passion and what it takes to be a Business Development Manager for our firm,  please fill the form here.

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Solutions and Implementation Project Manager

Job Description: As with all Hardesty Hackett consulting teams, you will work at client locations and interact with staff at all levels of the business. Depending on the size and complexity of the Project, your role will vary. In addition to contributing with identification, development and implementation of improvement opportunities, you will be managing 1 to 5 Hardesty Hackett staff plus an equal number of client Task Force members.

Our approach is very “hands-on” to ensure that our solutions are effective and sustainable. A Hardesty Hackett S&I Project Manager is responsible for delivering the committed results to the defined standard of quality while managing cost and time constraints. He or she must also develop and maintain strong relationships with all levels of the client’s staff. Owing to the critical nature of delivering what was promised, on time, in full, a Hardesty Hackett S&I Project Manager must have the experience, leadership qualities, and ability to lead and manage both Hardesty Hackett and client teams.

Another key element of the role is to identify other areas where the client can benefit from Hardesty Hackett’s services so that Hardesty Hackett can play a key part in our client’s future successes.

What makes a successful S&I Project Manager? You will have previously worked as a Team Leader or Project Manager within an implementation consulting firm and will be driven to progress your career. In addition to being an outstanding team leader, you must also be skilled at identifying opportunities during the analysis phase and presenting them effectively to senior level clients, using your excellent communication skills. You will be 100% committed to achieving (or exceeding) the Project objectives, your personal development and also the furthering of the Hardesty Hackett brand, for mutual benefit and security for the future.

Skills and experience required

  • MBA, JD or Ph.D. in a field of science
  • Proven background of success within an implementation consulting firm as a Project Leader or Project Manager including having worked on a the whole life cycle of projects
  • Be accountable for specific deliverables both team and personal
  • The ability to identify and develop future business areas with the best interests of the client in mind

If after reading about a career at Hardesty Hackett is of interest, and you believe you have the passion and what it takes to be an S&I Project Manager,  please fill the form here.

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Business Analyst

Job Description: Our growing North American implementation consulting firm is seeking a Business Analyst to act as a liaison among stakeholder groups with the purpose of understanding the structure, polices, and operations of a client organizations and to recommend solutions that enable the client to achieve their goals.


  • Collecting, documenting and analyzing workflows as well as developing business process models in collaboration with multi-disciplinary stakeholders.
  • Facilitating process design sessions to produce detailed process flows and associated documentation.
  • Interviewing system stakeholders and recording results, requirements and recommendations.
  • Documenting current and future state business processes, defining and documenting functional requirements, and conducting information flow analysis and process modeling within and across all disciplines and administrative components.
  • Analyzing process gaps, information flow obstacles or system issues, and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Aligning business processes.
  • Defining user needs and business requirements for applications as well as systems.
  • Translating business needs into high-level technical requirements and solutions.
  • Preparing and presenting related material to project teams, steering committees and/or stakeholder organizations.
  • Analyzing information to establish recommendations for improvements in system effectiveness and efficiency.

What makes a successful Hardesty Hackett Analyst?
People who are able to challenge conventional thought, offer unique perspectives and conceive innovative solutions for our clients, while having the confidence to negotiate, challenge and lead client stakeholders.

Mature people who are flexible and objective as no two projects are ever the same. You will be working in a variety of sectors and countries across North America. Canadian, Mexican and American exposure is the norm and travel is 100% guaranteed.

Skills and experience required:

  •  At least 10 years corporate experience within operations or an analytical role
  • MBA qualified and or degree in Engineering or Science subjects
  •  Excellent computer skills
  • Proven background of achievement whether through work, sports, the community or another area which can demonstrate commitment and determination

If after reading about a career at Hardesty Hackett is of interest and you believe you have the passion and what it takes to be an Analyst in our field, please fill the form here.

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