Diagnostic Examination of Business Services

The Analysis phase is a comprehensive and detailed look at the activities, management systems, processes, asset utilization and behaviors relative to the vision or strategy of our clients’ businesses. Developed from the need to accurately understand the opportunities available, the Hardesty Hackett Analysis process provides an excellent vehicle to see what parts of the business can be improved, what is required to make that happen and, equally important, what financial benefits will accrue as a result.

Always an intense, Hardesty Hackett-centric, 1-4 week engagement, the Analysis allows us to assess how your operation really works, across all levels, which enables us to develop a business proposition with specific deliverables and benefits, along with a project schedule and milestones. Based on this proposition, the vast majority of our clients see the added value, operationally as well as financially, to embark on the challenging change journey of a Project, which kicks off with our Change Process.

Our Analysis process also forms the foundation for our growing Due Diligence work, which we tailor to our client’s specific needs, mitigating any buyer’s remorse.