Executive Team

We are a passionate team of elite consulting professionals
with decades of experience in:

  • Business Operations and Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning Campaigns
  • Business and Management Trouble-shooting
  • Direct & Indirect Cost Early Warning Systems
  • Managerial and Organizational Tuning
  • Productivity Improvement Tools
  • Sales and Marketing Systems, Planning & Execution
  • Business Funding
  • High-Impact Management Controls
  • Profit Optimization
  • Succession Planning & Exit Strategies

Our sole focus is aimed at the issue of small business organizational improvement to make management more effective and increase revenue and profitability. We’re keenly in tune with both the workaday functional blind spots of small businesses and with the absence of problem-solving and planning on multiple levels of almost every company. We believe that the acid test of the success of a Hardesty Hackett engagement is profit improvement.

Our sole mission is to help small businesses persevere, grow and thrive, in that order.