Our Mission

HH&P Purpose

  • We’ll fulfill our clients’ needs by delivering the managerial and operating tools, as well as funding resources to optimize and nurture their business.
  • Promising businesses will achieve access to capital while investors gain access to the most talented emergent companies of tomorrow.
  • We will evaluate and prep clients for capital from us and/or our funding partners
  • We will furnish investors with a steady and reliable stream of growth and income opportunities that are professionally designed and managed.

HH&P Business Ethics

We will maintain the highest reputation for integrity, professionalism and excellence possible every day throughout our business. We will only select partners wholly dedicated to these ideals and accept nothing less than clients and business associates who share and embrace our principles and vision. Working with HH&P is NOT for everybody.

Nothing begets success like success. In this economy, though, an emerging fast-growing company armed with a success formula and roadmap for that success is, nonetheless, all too often plagued by operating headaches, not enough money and nowhere to get it that sabotages revenues, profits and cash flow. What’s holding YOU back?

That’s where we come in.